Elevator Shoes

One size and style does not fit everyone with shoes or elevator maintenance plans.
One size and style does not fit everyone with shoes or elevator maintenance plans.

What if all shoes were the same? No more choices just a simple black shoes. No more heels, or boots or tennis shoes. And what if those plain black shoes only came in one size? That would be great for me if all shoes were size 12 unless I wanted to go for a jog, work a construction job, dance in the ballet or muck out a stable. But what if you wore size 9 or size 15? Every day you would be faced with the unenviable task of shoehorning your way into shoes way too small or stuffing toilet paper in the toes to try to make them fit. Soreness and blisters would become a daily reality. Also, because there was only one option and no competition, the shoe manufacturer could charge want ever they wanted and raise prices indiscriminately regardless of the pain and cost.

Although this would give us all more closet space, I doubt we would take it very long. A one-size-fits-all solution is never fair and ultimately makes us all sore. What does this have to do with elevators? Click here to find out. 


2 thoughts on “Elevator Shoes

  1. This was the first post I read of elevator schmelevator and I have been hooked since. It seems during the honeymoon period, no one seems to care about the what they are signing. Then it gets filed into the blackhole of the earth, never to be brought out again till problems occur. **Research, Read, Retain**.

    This post is the most informative tool to customers that I have found out there – Thank you!


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