Trapped – What to do if you’re in charge when the elevator breaks.

Elevator is stuck and a woman is obviously upset.
Being a calming influence is important when people are stuck in the elevator.

You are waiting for the elevator’s familiar ding and the doors to open when you hear an unexpected clunk. On the other side of the stainless steel doors you hear muffled voices, “I think we’ve stopped.” “What do we do?” and you’re the guy in charge of the building that day.

The next thing you hear is a loud alarm bell and you’re sure you’re going to be on the other end of the line coming from inside the elevator car. Instead of panicking or worrying, you can help.  When you are in charge and someone gets stuck, there are some simple yet important steps to take to make sure the passengers stay safe and you get the elevator moving as quickly as possible. Find out what to do here.


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