Straight Talk About Elevators

Elevator Definitions
Elevators can be confusing, but knowing some terms can help.

A lot of talk about elevators is not only confusing but intimidating. In many buildings the elevator is not only the biggest piece of machinery, it is one of the most complicated and gets more of a workout day to day than almost anything else on the premises. For that reason many building owners’, administrators’ and maintenance staff’s eyes glaze over in confusion when the subject of maintenance, repairs or upgrades come up. Unfortunately, some elevator mechanics will intentionally talk over the heads of folks to confuse and mystify the system.

Just knowing the basic terminology about elevators and the various parts can help turn this mechanical leviathan into a manageable and understandable part of the building infrastructure.

To help out below you will find a list of some terms and parts of the elevator and what each does…Click here for the list. 


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