The Importance of Being Regular…with Elevator Maintenance

Big elevator companies have funny definitions when talking about regular contracts.
Sometimes you just need to extricate yourself from a contract.

Regular.  One definition is…well…being regular in a bodily function kind of way.  We all are acutely aware of how important “regular” becomes when we aren’t, and we don’t need Jamie Lee Curtis reminding us to load up on the fiber. We just pour the milk on our bran flakes every morning and force them down regardless of taste and texture to ensure we remain that way.  And just like the routine digestive maintenance that our bodies require, an elevator needs to have a routine to keep things moving too.

But, now that routine has changed thanks to our friends at Bigg Elevator. It seems that Bigg Elevator has found a new way to pad its bottom line, by misusing the word “regular” in their contracts. Find out how here.


5 thoughts on “The Importance of Being Regular…with Elevator Maintenance

  1. Only periodically taking care of the most used equipment is a huge financial risk to both elevator company and customer. Great article for building owners and contractors.

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  2. it is a sad state of affairs, I’ve been on both sides of the fence, I’ve been a elevator mechanic, superintendent, Quality Assurance Officer, and now owning my own elevator consulting company, I got it, companies want to get paid without doing the work, regardless, of maintenance control programs, tightly written contracts, and the ever changing industry where mechanics actually cared, most mechanics, understand the game, and go with it, others don’t, I am for public safety and get what you pay for, so if you want good maintenance write a good contract, have a consultant whether my company or another consulting company, and migrate your liabilities, because ultimately you want the longevity and reliability out of a piece of equipment. It is no wonder the code changed requiring Maintenance Control Programs, (MCPs).

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    1. David – Great points! Please correct me if I am wrong, but we feel the vast majority of elevator mechanics are conscientious and wanting to make the elevator a safe device for everyone that needs them day in and day out. We have found that it is usually big company policy that dictates the actions of the employees.

      One recurring theme that we hear consistently from customers is that the elevator industry is non-responsive to needs and it has built a one sided advantage. Often times they confuse and blur the needs of the customer to get them to pay more contractually.

      That ultimately is the point of this blog. Although we like to be creative and fun fun with the writing, we are hoping to inform building owners and managers so they can make better decisions regarding the largest and most complex piece of machinery on their premises.

      Again, thanks for the input! We look forward to hearing from you again.


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