Avoid a Headache – Know Your Elevator Tech

Aspirin is not your only option. But asking lots of questions is. Phoenix Modular Elevator may be your solution.
You can avoid a lot of headaches by knowing about your elevator technician and the company they work for.

The guy that stops by to do maintenance on your elevator seems nice enough and knowledgeable, but really what do you know about him and the company you have hired to take care of the heart of your multi-story building? The heart is a perfect metaphor for an elevator, because it keeps people flowing quickly and efficiently vertically through the various parts of your commercial building or apartment complex.

So, every month or so you see a guy with a tool belt and clip board show up and then he disappears into a room that is locked and off limits to the public. He reemerges occasionally to check out the hoistway and car, and then may or may not stop by your office to debrief you on the health of your elevator.

Here is a list of questions to ask you elevator maintenance company. Click to read the questions. 


8 thoughts on “Avoid a Headache – Know Your Elevator Tech

  1. Fantastic article for building owners and managers. I love the heart analogy, because the operation and the healthcare of your heart is both the patient and providers responsibility. Same goes for elevators; its not only the owners responsibility but the service provider’s job, to detect any serious problems and prevent permanent damage. So why not put as much care into researching WHO will provide this care to your transportation equipment.

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    1. Thanks for the thumbs up on the article. I know you are associated with one of the good guys in the elevator world! I hope your and our efforts change the way building owners and managers view their elevator. Keep up the good work you do!


  2. Once again an article that really brings valuable points on elevator maintenance. All twelve bullets are at in the right place. I would like to add an extra point; if you want to keep in order your service provider, install Elevator Monitoring System on your elevator. Having EMS is an affordable and sufficient way to maintain exceptional elevator service. Many companies sell those systems nowadays

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    1. Thanks for your kind words about the article. Depending on the application EMS is an option worth looking at. In lots of circumstances just knowing your elevator maintenance company and elevator tech solves lots of problems. Thanks again!

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      1. I agree with you, that knowing your elevator company is a key to successful elevator operation, but at the same time controlling and monitoring their performance are also important functions. That power you can gain through Elevator Monitoring System. A tool which was designed for elevator maintenance companies, but services its best to building owners and property managers, in my opinion.


  3. Elevator Monitoring Systems were designed by the major elevator companies to keep the technicians from having to do service. By the time the monitor determines there is an issue its already to late. The only thing the monitor system will do is notify the elevator company that a service call needs to be placed. Nothing beats a good service technician and a monthly visits. Do you think the monitor is going to let you know a door is making noise, that a push button light is out or a belt is about to break?

    Find a elevator service company you can trust is your best option!


    1. John,

      I agree with you that a trustful service company is best option.
      At the same time I have different view regarding EMS:
      1. Elevator Monitoring System was initiated to cut cost (good technicians are too expensive) also to keep service initiatives high. It was designed by a major company (not companies), which name starts with “O”.
      2. EMS determent an issue immediately, and diagnose the problem, so there is never too late to fix it. A mechanic goes on the site with a general idea on the issue.
      3. EMS late versions make hundreds of things, beside notifying, i.e. it serves as a communication tool, you can talk to a cab or machine room from the dispatch. The system stores data that you can analyze and then based on this analysis you might make a preventive maintenance or a replacement.
      4. EMS is not going to let you know that a hoistway door is noisy, but if it will malfunction, the system would let you know this right away, the same applies to a push button lights or belt.

      I am not saying that EMS can replace a good mechanic, but it might make his life much easier with better service qualities. Just like a commercial plane, with all computers, GPS etc. the pilot is still in charge providing save services and making all decisions, regarding the flight.


      1. Great discussion guys! I feel that EMS is an option to be considered, however especially in our smaller market it is unlikely that most building owners and facility managers would opt for it. Also, the monthly visits do more than just check the fluid levels, they are a connection with the end user of the product. The personal relationship is important in our area.

        Great comments! Feel free to add more.


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