What? I Can’t Get Out of My Elevator Maintenance Contract?

Contracts are important when it comes to an elevator maintenance agreement. Read it carefully.
Before you sign any contract read it carefully. Don’t be afraid to ask for changes.

A contract is a 2-way promise.  In the elevator maintenance world, the elevator company promises to maintain and repair your elevator, and you promise to pay them. What happens if one of you doesn’t hold up your end of the bargain?  Well, contracts address that too.  So dig your copy out of the file drawer and see what it says.

It likely contains a provision that says if you don’t pay, they can stop taking care of your elevator.  Click for the info you need. 


6 thoughts on “What? I Can’t Get Out of My Elevator Maintenance Contract?

  1. One of the most valuable articles for building owners. And let’s face it, “Agreements” should be agreeable to contractor and costumer. And truth be told, the best long lasting contracts are when both parties are happy. So taking the liberty to evaluate and continue service at the end of a term, should be a reasonable option for everyone involved.

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    1. Exactly Jackie. There should be no fear as represented in lopsided contracts if you are providing great customer service! As you said a fair contract make everyone happy! Great comment.


  2. Another issue is that many contracts include an automatic renewal clause, so that with a five year term contract, if the owner does not advise the maintenance contractor in advance (usually a minimum of 90 days) that they do not wish to renew the contract, it automatically renews for another five years. When I worked as a consultant I ran across a few property managers who found out the hard way and were upset about it. My advice to them was to immediately send a letter advising that they did not intend to renew the agreement (in one case they were 6 months into five years) and staple a copy of the letter to the agreement in the file. Contarctors often hope that when they anger somebody with this tactic, in five years there will be a different person in place. With the letter stapled to the agreement, the new person doesn’t get burned.

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    1. Phoenix Modular Elevator produces quality commercial elevators for new and retrofit construction, but we also have a service team in the rural Midwest. Often times we see exactly what you are talking about. By the time we are called it is often too late. Our hope is to educate so circumstances as you described will not continue to occur.

      Thanks for your comment!


    1. If you have any questions at all let us know. Also, although we are probably not in your or your brother’s area, as we manufacture elevators we may know someone in the city your brother needs a good reference in. Feel free to email me if you need more info.


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