New Location – Get an Invite to the Grand Opening and Tour

Usually, this blog is all about elevators, and we go to great pains to keep Phoenix Modular Elevator out of most of the posts written. We like to focus on educating people that have elevators and utilize elevator maintenance and repair services, but every once in awhile, you have to blow your own horn. So here we go! Starting in 2017, Phoenix Modular Elevator has a brand new location!


As most of you that follow our blog or Facebook page know, we are actually two businesses in one. One is as a regional provider of elevator service and maintenance, while the other is as a manufacturer of modular elevators. For 20 years, we have been assembling modular elevators out of an old factory in the middle of Mt. Vernon, Illinois. The old building is historic but far from ideal. It is a multi-story structure with the various components of a completed quality elevator built in several locations. It was old and drafty to say the least, and a real pain for those that delivered our elevators across the US and Canada. Backing into our depot from a narrow city street was a struggle.


The new location is located in a recently opened industrial park at 4800 Phoenix Drive, still in Mt Vernon, Illinois. It is right at the crossroads of Interstates 57 and 64, making delivery to both coasts and Canada easy. Also, the new plant will be bigger and operate on one level, so no more shuffling hoistways and elevator cabs around. This new layout will increase productivity and overall efficiency.

The new 25,000 square foot factory is twice as large as our old building, so completing multi-tower elevators will be easier and will also allow us to mass produce elevators faster for customers that want a large quantity of elevators delivered at the same time. For the service customer, it puts us closer to the interstate and will improve response times. The service department will also have more space.

Although we are now up and running, we are having a grand opening and factory tour sometime in the Spring when the weather is a bit better. During the tour, we will be demonstrating how we make modular elevators and will have personnel available to answer any of your questions regarding elevators, including service and maintenance.

Click Here!!!! if you want to get an invitation!


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